The Benefits of Having Your Teeth Whitened in Office

Are you unhappy with your smile or the look of your teeth? If your teeth are a little more yellow than you'd like, it can prevent you from giving the world your brightest smile. You might even feel self-conscious.

Thankfully, teeth whitening is a dental treatment that can help you feel confident in your smile again. If you're considering teeth whitening in downtown Vancouver, start here. We cover all the benefits of this procedure and how you can set up an appointment to get your teeth whitened.

Better Results

You may have seen teeth whitening kits in stores and wondered why you couldn't use them instead of booking an appointment. Getting a professional whitening at the dentist provides far better results than an over-the-counter product.

You'll see noticeable results when you visit a dental clinic to get a whitening treatment. An in-office treatment results in a brighter, whiter smile.

It Takes Less Time

Another major benefit of getting your teeth whitened in-office compared to on your own is that it takes less time. A professional treatment shows results within an hour, and the process will only require a few sessions.

Doing it at home can take weeks to get white teeth. There's also no guarantee that a DIY approach will result in satisfying results.

Even Whitening Across Your Teeth

Perhaps most importantly, having a dentist whiten your teeth guarantees an even whitening. Over-the-counter teeth whitening trays are a one-size-fits-all approach. They may not fit well or at all.

When the dental tray doesn't fit well, it can result in varying shades of white and an uneven color across your teeth.

Removes Stubborn Stains

That morning cup of coffee does more damage than you might think. Many of us are guilty of indulging in foods or drinks that aren't great for our teeth.

Other culprits that cause stains? Red wine, tea, berries, cola, and sweets. Even certain sauces, like tomato-based and dark-pigmented sauces can cause discoloration.

Stains or discoloration on your teeth can be difficult to remove. In-office whitening treatments can help lift these stains and improve the look of your teeth.

A Professional Opinion

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for getting their teeth bleached. For example, patients with implants, crowns, or dental bridges may not see the results they want. Any patients with sensitive teeth may not make good candidates either.

When you speak with a dentist, you get their professional opinion. You'll find out if you're a good candidate or not and what kinds of results to expect.

You'll also learn tips for good oral hygiene and dental care that will help extend the effects of your whitening treatment.

Interested in Teeth Whitening in Downtown Vancouver?

Getting your teeth whitened in-office is always the better choice over trying to do the treatment yourself. You'll see better results when you have the treatment performed by a dentist.

Are you interested in teeth whitening in downtown Vancouver? Howe Dental provides an array of services, including general and family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening treatments, and much more. Visit our office or request an appointment online to get started.