Getting a Dental Checkup for Tooth Pain

A toothache results when an irritated nerve causes a throbbing or aching feeling in your tooth. At Howe Dental Confidential Group in Vancouver, we offer emergency dental care and general dentistry services to get to the root of your tooth pain and fix the problem. We recommend a dental checkup to find and resolve any other oral health issues you may have.

Symptoms of Toothaches

Toothaches are common maladies but that doesn't make you feel any better when you get one. The symptoms range from debilitating pain to dull pressure. You may develop sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks. As the inflammation increases, your pain may increase, radiating to your jaw, cheek and ear.

Seek care for toothache pain, including the following symptoms:

  • Pain while chewing
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Bleeding around the gum line or tooth
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Injury to your tooth or supporting structures

Causes of Toothaches

Oddly enough, toothaches don't always come from infected teeth or inflammation of the gums, which often cause no pain. There are many possible causes of toothaches ranging from oral health issues to sinusitis. If you suffer from sinusitis, your sinuses swell thanks to a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. Due to the location of your upper teeth, the roots are in close proximately to your sinus cavity. So, sinusitis can cause upper tooth pain.
Less common causes include lung cancer and heart disease. Toothaches sometimes precede a heart attack. The vagus nerve runs from the brain to the heart, lungs and other organs. It also passes through your jaw. Consequently, you might have tooth and jaw pain due to an underlying cause in your lungs and heart.Rare conditions such as occipital and trigeminal neuralgia can cause pain in nerves that pass through your jaw. These nerves serve the face, teeth and skull. When inflamed, the resulting pain may seem to come from your teeth.

How to Management Tooth Pain

The best way to manage tooth pain is to schedule a dental checkup as soon as possible. You can book at appointment online or call our office for the first available appointment. Emergencies and walk-ins are accepted for emergencies such as bleeding in the mouth and severe pain.

At home, you can try a saltwater rinse to kill bacteria and soothe inflamed gums. Swishing warm water around in your mouth can also temporarily relieve pain. We also recommend a cold compress. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist before resorting to over-the-counter pain relievers and oral analgesics.

Dental Checkup for Tooth Pain in Vancouver

During a dental checkup, our dentist checks for any sign of tooth decay or infection. If you have severe, persistent tooth and gum pain, come in for a checkup right away. We'll let you know what we find and what treatment you need to restore your oral health and alleviate your toothache.

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