5 Ways Coffee Affects Your Teeth

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Coffee is like a magic pill to some people because it gives them an instant energy boost. However, it has the opposite effect on your teeth. As an energy drink, coffee can make you feel motivated and even happy. Unfortunately, coffee affects your teeth. Below are the damaging effects of coffee.

Tooth Stain

The tannins in coffee break down in the water, leading to teeth discoloration. As a result, you're likely to have yellowish or stained teeth if you sip coffee multiple times a day and don't practice good oral hygiene. To prevent tooth stain or discoloration, ensure that you visit your dentist regularly for whitening treatments.

Gum Disease

Suppose you're a coffee drinker who puts sugar in your coffee, the likelihood of you getting a gum disease increases. Sugar has a connection to tooth decay because it attracts harmful bacteria that destroy the teeth and gums. It can also lead to tooth cavities and other dental problems.

Erodes your Enamel

Because coffee contains acids, it damages the teeth by eating away the outermost layer of the teeth called enamel. While it's a hard substance, it can gradually become damaged especially when you keep drinking coffee. If you don't visit a dentist right away, you may end up with dental problems that will cost you more money in treatment.

Can Weaken Your Teeth

Drinking coffee with sugar can eventually lead to the teeth becoming thin and brittle. When weakened, your teeth are more susceptible to other dental problems, including cavities and sensitivity. If you want to drink coffee, consider not adding sugar.

Dry Mouth

Saliva naturally keeps your mouth clean and balanced. It's essential as it helps rebuild the enamel, but drinking too much coffee can dry out your mouth, decreasing saliva production. A dry mouth can lead to a host of other dental problems, such as irritated gum tissues and sores on the tongue and gums.

What Can You Do to Lessen the Damaging Effects of Coffee on your Teeth

Thankfully, you can lessen the effects of coffee on your teeth, limiting the amount of coffee that you consume every day. If you drink coffee for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may want to consider just having one cup in the morning. Have another cup only when you need the boost.

It would also help to drink have coffee with milk but without sugar. Milk may reduce the effects of coffee on teeth. As much as possible, drink with a straw (for iced coffee) and consume it immediately to lessen the damaging effects. After drinking coffee, ensure that you munch on fruits and raw vegetables to activate saliva production.

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