5 Root Canal Symptoms That You Should Never Ignore

Root Canal Symptoms

Root canals can be scary, but they're a vital procedure that you need to get to keep your mouth healthy. It's best to have it treated the moment that you start to notice the signs.

Many root canal symptoms are hard to miss, as they show themselves through pain or discomfort. A root canal is the best way to feel better and keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

Are you wondering why root canal treatment in Vancouver is so important? Keep reading to learn the symptoms of a root canal and what the treatment is.

1. You're in Pain

If you're experiencing pain, it can be difficult to manage. One of the signs of tooth decay is that it becomes painful when something touches the tooth.

Usually, this indicates an issue on the inside. The pain of this nature is common to find in teeth with nerve damage, so it's important to have it looked at.

Your dentist will be able to determine if you need root canal treatment.

2. Your Gums Are Swollen

Have you noticed that your gums have been swollen? Sometimes, this can also appear in the form of a boil.

When this happens, it can indicate that there are some issues inside of the tooth. When the inside becomes infected, it can show itself on the gum line.

If you happen to notice that your gums are swollen and it doesn't seem to go down, it may be time to go see your dentist.

3. You Have Sensitivity

In daily life, hot and cold drinks and food are common for us to have. They can also help us detect issues or symptoms of a root canal.

If when you eat or drink something hot or cold you notice that you experience pain, this could mean that you may need a root canal. Typically, if it is caused by tooth decay, the sensitivity will last longer than usual.

Though this can be attributed to other dental conditions as well, it's a good idea to have it checked out to be sure.

4. You Have Cracked or Chipped Teeth

A cracked or chipped tooth can happen in many ways. You may fall and break a tooth or it could happen when you're eating.

No matter how it happens, it can expose the nerves inside of your teeth. This can get infected and leave you needing a root canal.

If you've suffered this, then be sure to head to the dentist as soon as possible.

5. You Have Discoloration

Throughout daily life, teeth get stained as we eat and drink certain things. The problem starts when the discoloration is caused by the nerves inside the tooth.

It's also possible that tooth decay is the culprit. If you notice a darkened color that doesn't seem normal on your tooth, you should have it checked out.

Root Canals Treatment in Vancouver: Do I Need a Root Canal?

If you've noticed that you're experiencing some of the symptoms of a root canal, then you shouldn't delay in having it looked at. Root canals treatment can be an effective way to salvage your natural tooth.

Are you looking for root canal treatment in Vancouver? If so, book an appointment with our expert dentist, Dr. Saeed Refaei!