10 Common Habits that Damage Your Teeth

We all know that nail-biting, chronic tobacco use, and overeating fall into the "bad habit" category. But did you know that they also damage your teeth?

And they aren't the only bad teeth habits you need to watch out for. Other examples include chewing ice and using your teeth to open food packaging.

Children who suck their thumbs can skew the alignment of their teeth. Clenching your teeth due to stress or brushing them too hard will damage your teeth as well.

Being a widely-praised dentist in Coquitlam, we want to help you avoid these common pitfalls. So, we've written you this guide. Read on to learn how to keep your teeth safe from damage.


1. Nail-Biting

Nail-biting is a tough habit to break. But it's a lot easier to quit after it causes you to crack or chip your tooth. Of course, it's a much better idea to quit now, before you damage your teeth.


2. Chewing Ice and Other Objects

Many people have a habit of chewing ice, pencils, popcorn kernels, and other hard objects. This habit is just as likely to damage teeth as nail-biting.

3. Biting Things Open

Using your teeth to rip through food wrappers and other packaging is even worse because it involves biting and pulling. The wrapper is likely to slip out from between your teeth. Then, your teeth knock together very forcefully, which can cause chipping/cracking.

4. Sucking Your Thumb

Children who are no longer toddlers should not suck their thumbs. It interferes with the emergence of their adult teeth, which causes bite misalignment.

5. Grinding/Clenching Teeth

Some people clench or grind their teeth subconsciously. This can happen whether the person is awake or asleep.

When it does, it wears down the enamel of the teeth. If you notice this during the day or if you wake up with a sore jaw, speak to a dentist in Coquitlam. They can give you a mouth guard for nighttime use or prescribe other treatments.

6. Excessive/Harsh Brushing

Brushing too hard wears down your enamel, too. Use a soft-bristle brush and spend only 2 minutes brushing.

7. Tobacco Use

Whether you chew it or smoke it, all types of tobacco are harmful to your teeth. The more you consume, the more damaging it is.

8. Too Much Soda

Soda is horrible for your teeth because it's so very high in both sugar and acidity. However, you can reduce the damaging effects of soda through moderation and proper oral hygiene. Even so, those who sip soda all day long are at high risk of tooth decay.

9. Too Much Snacking

Constant snacking provides a continuous food supply for the bacteria that cause cavities. This is especially true when you snack on sugary junk food.

10. Not Enough Water

The last three habits on this list are partially countered by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This rinses away the food residue that contributes to tooth decay.

Don't Let These Habits Damage Your Teeth

These habits will damage your teeth if you don't quit them right away. Remember these crucial tips to preserve your teeth. Also, if you know any friends or family members who practice these habits, please share this guide with them.

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